CrankIT Straps

Times have been busy here in the BO studio!  We have been relentlessly working on our batch of Chunky Toads, keeping up with our regular line up, as well as working on a previously secret project...

its not secret any more!

Probably not what you were thinking, but check it out!  We have been working alongside the crew from CrankIT Fitness, tweaking and manufacturing their latest product, the Crank It Straps.

What are they?  In the CrankIT crew's words: 

The CrankIt Straps are a new, functional fitness training tool that allow you to utilise your body weight as resistance and perform over 350 exercises that build strength, stability, endurance and flexibility and can also enhance your cardiovascular fitness.  With this portable fitness tool, you can train anywhere, anytime.  Now there is nothing holding your back from keeping in fantastic shape, no matter where your journey takes you!

Now I may be a little biased because I am heavily involved in this project, but I personally think these straps rock.  They are lightweight, tough as hell and allow a solid workout anywhere.  Think of a gymnast on their rings... that is probably the quickest way to describe this product.  Don't take my shitty description as all these straps do... Jump over to the CrankIT site, and check out the video on the front page!  This is going to show you better than I ever could at just how awesome these straps are.

And now, for some sneaky behind the scenes shots of the manufacture process:

Some multi-anchors ready for packaging...

A couple of handles mid-construction... Ready for the next step!

CrankIT tags about to be stitched into the straps...

Main adjustable strap nearing completion... bar tacking next!

Jump over to the CrankIT Fitness website and check out all the fuss!  

Oh, and manufacturing these straps have allowed us to purchase another machine... which we will be blogging about oh-so-shortly!  So stay tuned!

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