New Blog!

Hey, so it has been a while since our last post. Mainly as we have migrated our blog elsewhere but completely forgot to update this one.


Anyway, check out all the action and information over at the all new location: BOgear Blog!

Nine tips for travelling with your bike

So we've thrown together a video showing those who travel long distances with their bike nine tips on how to ensure your bike gets to it's final destination in good condition. Phew... what a mouthful! In this instance we bundled our bike up in our Royd bike travel bag, however these tips are suitable for any form of bike bag, bike case, or hard travel case.

Check it out over here, and make sure you watch it to the end. Chris artfully managed to stitch in a couple of out takes of me being an idiot! Too good to not share!

As always, more tips, tricks, and how to lessons can be found on our Product Case Study page!

Cellblocks are here!

We have finally launched our Cellblock M & Cellblock L. I know we have been promising these for a while, and are relieved to finally see them up online and available. These pouches are perfect for packing and organising, and fit more than a Bodyboard Bag in Bali*. 
*Cellblocks are not recommended for Corby-esque travel

The Cellblock L is sized to fit 13 inch laptops, iPads, and our Royd Bike Bag, while the Cellblock M is half this size.

Both pouches can be put inside your bag, or strapped to the outside. The Cellblock L can be attached to your bike frame, while the Cellblock M can be worn on your hip.
Multipurpose much?

New Shop - Swift Whip

Hey Melbourne, you are soon going to have another stockist of BOgear. Keep an eye open as it is set to launch late this week or early next. The shop is a combination of Jetnikoff Bike Co (in this new location), coupled with Swift Whip.

A dual shop, it is going to cater to custom bike builds and repairs, as well as apparel and BOgear products among other things.

A gratuitous photo of work in progress....!

I managed to check it out while in Melbourne over the weekend, and must say is going to be doing a booming trade. They are right on the bike path, with tonnes of bike traffic daily.  Although small, it is going to be jam packed with kit.

So check it out on Railway Place, Brunswick - which is how you access it... right on the bike path! And if you are the kind of person who wants to send em mail, then the actual address is 32A Union Street, Brunswick. Sounds weird, but makes sense when you see the place!

We're on Instagram

So we've been regular little hipsters lately, and have signed up to the Instagram bandwagon. On it we have been showing a few "behind the scenes" photos, and what not. So if you are on there, follow us as well! @bogear

Oh, and for those not on instagram, well you can always follow us on their web version:

External Pleated Pockets

More information for everyone! 
(this is turning into a school right...?)

This "lesson" is all about our external pleated pockets on our backpacks and our messenger bags. Discover why you should use them, why we added them in, and all the advantages that these pockets have over standard slip pockets.

As always, more lessons, explanations and how to's can be found in our product case studies page.


Sorry for shouting at you in the title of this post, but I figured it was warranted.  And the question still stands...

That's right, want to win the absolute first Abuser Team prototype that we are currently working on? Not much to it, all you have to do is sign up to our mailing list.  Easy right?

But first of all, what exactly is this pack we are talking about?  Glad you asked... head on over to our site to see a quick video review of it, but let me say I am fecking excited about this one!!!

So what are you waiting for, head to our site and check out the bag that YOU could win! And then fill in your details in the spot that looks like this: