The bike bag is almost here!!

We have been talking about and working on these for a while, and have finally come up with the completed form.  Whatchatalkingbout...?  Bike bags!  A foldable, compressible, soft yet moderately padded bike bag!

These bags are just the beginning as we will be working on a couple of other related items.  These include removable inserts to make the bag an almost-but-not-quite hard case (more protection!), as well as packing aides to use dead-space within the bag (more protection and padding, while also meaning you could effectively travel with just a carry-on and a bike bag).  Simple foldable wheel bag sleeves are also in the works for all you travel junkies.

So... here is the first piece in the puzzle:

We have used folding bike bags before, and really liked them however found some major flaws and room for improvement.  This is our solution!

Padding used throughout the entire bag is a 6mm Geofabric.  For the fabric-technerds, this is a needle punched polypropylene material manufactured in Australia.  It is commonly used in the outdoors for draining and landscaping.  It is highly puncture resistant, and can be found in beach rock walls (these boulders have a tough time poking through... so too will your bike!)

Non-removable padding is located around the wheel axle, as well as on the base of the bag (which protects your top tube and headset.)

Offset wheels to reduce bulk.  This also means you can pack your clothes into the bike bag for extra padding (put it in a bag so they don't get dirty... or grab one of our "packing aides" which we are working on!)

The entire zip is covered with a protective flap.  When the Baggage Gorillas drag your bag across the tarmac, the zip doesn't abrade away (yes, it happens).  This also protects the flap from unwanted dirt and gunk which can jam up the zip, reducing its lifespan.

Haul handles are on both flat surfaces of the bag.  This means it doesn't matter which way is facing up, you can always pick it up.  The two shoulder straps are located "grocery bag" style, on the sides of the bag. This means when carrying, the weight of the bike is supported and the bag itself does not sag.  In addition, you can pull the weight of the bike closer to your body to reduce that "top heavy" feeling of an incorrectly balanced load.  Essentially what I am bumbling to say is the bag does not sag while carrying, or push itself away from your body!

The main bag itself is completely foldable (origami anyone?) and fits neatly within this outer bag (roughly A4 sized).  This "carry bag" is hard wearing and features clipping webbing so you can strap it to your regular backpack when you get to your final destination and want to ride away.

This pack case also doubles as a clothes packing container during transport!  You would be surprised at how much it can fit inside!

Construction details:

  • Constructed from Grey 1000D Ballistic Polyester.  This is a high class material which looks just a little sharper than our regular Airtextured Nylon.  This aesthetics means it is well suited for travel bags, and is still a highly abrasion resistant material.
  • Padding is 6mm Geofabric manufactured in Australia
  • Webbing is a combination of 25mm and 50mm
  • Zipping is #10 Delrin (a large plastic zip!).  It is very strong and built to last.
  • All seams are bound for both protection and strength, as well as minimum double stitched.
  • 100% made in Australia!!
The first batch are hot off the machines and are available for pre-order now!  These will undergo a final inspection before being shipped late next week.  They are $180 with free shipping Australia wide for the first batch.  Contact us here!

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