Fabric restock

We just received 7 rolls of fabric to restock our dwindling supplies...

Lots and lots of meterage there... and weight too.  Gosh each roll weighs a lot.  Thats my work out done for the day!

Included in the restock is black, usa woodlands, grey ballistic, forest green and red!  The red fabric is a 420D nylon, so now as an upgrade we can triple line your bags with THREE colours!  Black, Grey, or RED!

What is a triple liner?  The upgrade triple liner consists of three layers of fabric; 1000D nylon outer, billboard/truck tarp middle, and a 420D nylon liner.  This extra liner layer not only increases durability (it stops stuff digging into and puncturing the waterproof middle layer) but also reduces the likelihood of things "gripping".  For example the billboard liner when lightly damp (not even wet, but damp from humidity) can grip onto smooth objects making it hard to remove... not any more!

*sigh*  Three liner colours now... we're in heaven!

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