The BIG backpack *update*

Well the BIG backpack (this bag is BIG, so deserves the capital letters and bolding!) has been getting a work out for a while now, with the final version completed.  Usually our ironing out of designs uses a large group of dedicated Abuser Team members, however in this instance we decided to limit it to two.

The justification behind this is it allows us a quicker design / feedback process, coupled with the ability to modify the Abuser Team backpacks should it be necessary.  Rather than the typical Design, Make, Feedback, Repeat... in this instance it was Design, Make, Modify, Modify, Modify...  I hope this makes sense!  

If you are interested check out the original backpack here.

Here is the updated version:

It is a virtually symmetrical design, so the first few photos are from slightly different angles.

Dual side compression attaches directly to the rear HDPE frame sheet and the front pocket.  This way it is directly compressing, rather than pulling at fabric (and potentially stretching/tearing)

Dual top compression ensure the bag remains weather tight even in miserable weather.  It also shrinks down the width of the bag so side/rear vision is more manageable.

All of the compression straps feature quick release d-rings, as well as "easy to grab" d-rings at the ends of the webbing.

Also vaguely visible in the above image is a strip of vertical clipping webbing in the front pocket crease. This is useful not only for lashing oversized packages to the exterior of the bag, but also for attaching poster tubes and drink bottles.

The above mentioned vertical clipping webbing is placed in the pleated seam of the front pocket, so it doesn't get in the way when not in use...

There is still the regular clipping webbing on the front pocket flap...

It is not only compression webbing that features "quick release" d-rings, but also any webbing which is adjustable.  This includes the main flap webbing, as well the shoulder strap adjustment webbing.

While on the topic of webbing, any "dangly" end now has velcro.  This way you can attach the ends of your webbing to any exposed velcro to reduce dangle/snag/potential mishaps.

this is now a feature which we have added to all our bags!

At the base of the front pleated pocket you will find clipping webbing, clipping webbing, and more clipping webbing.  And a little dash of reflective tape thrown in too for safeties sake!

The shoulder straps are completely removable for washing/reducing eau-de-courier.

Top shoulder compression is achieved through the use of d-rings and tri-glides...

This ensures quick and painless adjustment as well as strap removal.

We have also integrated a exterior side access pocket.  

One of the biggest downfalls of a backpack is the quick accessibility while couriering.  Given that couriers are generally paid on a per delivery basis, time wasted is money lost.  Understanding this, we created a pocket which has the accessibility features of a courier bag... no need to remove the pack from your back to access this one!  

This pocket is protected via a 1.5mm HDPE panel.  You can safely stash valuable / "do not fold" items here!  The pocket comfortably fits A4 files and folders, and is only slightly too small for A3 sized stuff.

And now to put this behemoth in perspective:

This is Rootbeer, and this is 35kg of gear (77lbs) in our Backpack.  It is practically his life on his back...

700c tyre around the outside to put it all in perspective.

Isn't he just cute...

And Rootbeer is not a small bloke...

See "Rootbeers home" in action.  Sorry for the shaky footage.

This bag is a beast, and is a dedicated courier workhorse.  It is designed for heavy duty use, and as such is physically heavy, and incredibly tough.  It is also expensive.  We do not plan to do a run of them, instead they will only be made to order, with a current turn around of 4 weeks.  If you are interested in one, please send us an enquiry here.


  1. I wish this page had a like button. Would spam the shit out of every post, loving the blog!

  2. Ah Prawi... you make me blush! :)

  3. if i ever start couriering, i'll be hitting one of these bad boys up.

  4. does it bounce around with pedal motion when fully loaded, i've always found this a problem when riding quickly with a backpack

  5. Hi Kieran,
    I could give you an answer, but figure it would be best from the horses mouth. I've passed this question on to the Abuser Team and will let them answer it for you...

  6. Kieran:

    In response to your question, I have found there are many factors that contribute to "bag bounce" the main ones being rider position and form as opposed to bag design.

    For work using this bag I ride a fairly upright position which goes a long way to preventing the bag bouncing on my back, even when fully loaded (12+ legal breifs / 2 full archive box's type of full - BoCrew do you guys have that picture I sent you?

    The only issue with the archive box's was that the load actually became very top heavy! ( which is 100% my fault for deciding to take them!) The bag itself dealt very well with the weight and it hardly felt like I had anything more than a few small packages on board!

    Riding aggressive bikes or in drop bars appears to increase the chance of the bag moving around.

    The other significant factor in reducing bag bounce is good core stability. At the QAS/AIS they really push core stability in track racers mainly to reduce energy wasted through unnecessary body movement above the hips.

    I found that this technique transfers over very well to riding track bikes on the street as it really helps keep bag movement to a minimum even at high speeds (50kph+).

    Of course it should be assumed that whenever carrying any large load that the bag being used is adjusted accordingly.

    In short, This bag rocks! and is amazingly comfortable when empty or when carrying stupidly large loads!

    Plus its great seeing peoples faces when they see how much you can fit in it!

    Receptionist: I think it might need a van this job.

    Me: 10 breifs? easy, ill just open out my bag out and fit them all in with the other stuff I have in here! easy!

    Receptionist: shocked silence.....

    Hope this helps!