Big Bag...

As you are well aware, backpacks are coming to BOgear.  Now for a sneak peek of the ridiculously large backpack we are working on.  This is a serious workhorse, designed with the professional courier in mind.

Dual side compression to allow manageability when empty.

This is not the shoulder strap... but was added to show how it would look.

The bag in its current form can be rigged up for use as either a backpack or as a courier/sling style bag. 
As far as we are aware, no other bag on the market does this yet.  So we are definitely testing it to make sure it does it well!

It also has non-removable backpadding

Massive external pleated pocket, complete with D-lock holster, clipping webbing and smaller pockets.

Above the D-lock holster is a side access pocket.  This is sized big enough to comfortably fit an A4 notebook, and was developed for quick access while couriering.

Dual base compression.

Loaded up on our original bear sized tester, Root Beer.  It looks small on Rooties back, but rest assured it is a BIG bag.

Is that a parachute?

Comfortably fits coreflute mail trays....

And small females...

Yes this bag is coming!  It is not available yet, but will be shortly.  We are currently letting it be thrashed by a ultra-select few Abuser Team members.

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