Baby bag...

Maybe it is the stage of life that I am in at the moment, but a lot of my close friends and family are having babies!  Of coarse, that means a lot of my family and friends now need baby bags.  So I have come to the rescue and been working on a modified DUB designed as a babybag.  Check it out!

Shortened flap for less restrictive access.  No one likes eating a bag flap when trying to grab something out of a bag!

Dual slash pocket at the rear.  Currently fastened with velcro, but will probably remove the velcro as it creates too firm a hold, which is unnecessary.

Dual pleated pockets at the front.

Dual slash pockets inside the main compartment (not shown).

Easily removable straps (featuring some of our reclaimed climbing harness buckles!).  Can change the strap configuration over to have two hanging loop straps; this way you can hang it over your jogger/stroller/pram (what the heck do you call it these days?) push bar.

Soft style construction.  Lined with 420D Nylon, not our regular billboard liner.  We won't claim this is weather proof, but it is pretty damn rain resistant!  It would take a beating and breakdown of waterproof coatings to let water in...

And now for the neatest feature... a removable and padded baby change mat.
This is folded down out of the way during transport, or opens up completely flat when needed.  

Best bit?  It is completely removable and washable.  

But what this also means is you can remove it and your baby bag no longer is really "baby" orientated, and instead can become your everyday bag!  

The muted colours and not loud "check out this baby bag" probably also helps this!

Interested in your own custom bag?  Or perhaps even your own baby bag?  Drop as an email here.  We are currently closed for custom work, but will get back to you around 20th of January!


  1. This is so rad! I'll need one in like 10 - 15 years.

  2. great idea. I'm a little tired of carrying the wife's floral baby bag