9x 700mL bottles of Rum... Perfect for a long weekend!

Since last updating this neglected blog, we have been busy here in the BO camp.  Firstly we are developing a website which we hope to launch in the very near future.  In addition to this we are developing two more sizes of our courier bag range.  Of particular interest is the "Sindrome," a medium-large sized bag which is currently undergoing testing.  Photographs of this bag will be up soon so stay posted.

In the interim however, we have constructed a small run of Papermunky's, which can be seen on our Flickr site.  They are also available for purchase at Gear Brisbane.  To emphasise the size of the bag it was decided that we should fill it with rum.  Yes, the bag fits 9 bottles of 700mL of Bundaberg's famous; which given the title of the picture launched a hilarious conversation between one of our blog followers and his friend.

Caption: "Yes, it fits 9x 700mL bottles of Bundaberg Rum... Perfect for a long weekend!"

I saw this picture on your flickr account today and sparked an interesting conversation... haha 

J says (3:37 PM):
http://www.flickr.com/photos/69968504@N00/3461982690/ hahah fuck

P says (3:39 PM):
liver disease

J says (3:40 PM):
if someone can drink that much rum in 3 straight days, good on em

P says (3:41 PM):
u'd be dead
theres like 22 standard drinks in a bottle
it takes the body 1 hour to process one drink

J says (3:42 PM):
i dare you to drink 9 bottles of rum this weekend

P says (3:42 PM):

P says (3:43 PM):
198 standard drinks over 72 hours

J says (3:43 PM):

P says (3:44 PM):
.35 BAC is hospitalized

J says (3:45 PM):
without sleeping its 2.75 standard drinks an hour
for 72 hours
so lets say 2x 8hrs sleeps in there. that 56 hours of getting wasted

J says (3:46 PM):
thats 3.546 standard drinks an hour

P says (3:46 PM):
i don't think you could do it

P says (3:47 PM):
i reckon u'd need to be on a drip to pull it off

J says (3:47 PM):
if you mixed with water i think it'll be do-able
like 50/50

J says (3:48 PM):
so thats 6.3L of rum and 6.3L of water
it would help you stay hydrated too

J says (3:51 PM):
what do you reckon?

P says (3:52 PM):
yeah thats what i was thinking, your body works so much more efficiently when ur hydrated... 
anyone battling something goes on salene or whatever it is

J says (3:55 PM):
so if you break it down with 3 days of 18hrs and 40mins and 2x 8hr sleep between the three days. you need to drink 4.2L of equal water/rum mix. that would be about 66 standard drinks at 60ml each.

J says (3:56 PM):
actually that does sound fucked haha

P says (3:56 PM):

J says (3:57 PM):
i still want to see someone try it

I don't know about the rest of you, but I was in stitches when I read this conversation.  I should say however (my lawyer fiancee made me say this) that we don't condone binge drinking... instead we encourage you to share it!  Invite your friends around for a good long weekend of partying Papermunky style!

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