Double Trouble Tag Team

The official poster for the event is now up!  Bring friends, family and foes.  It's your chance to rock out, have a killer time and possibly win some sweet, sweet schwag!

I had to explain to my younger brother today what an alley cat really is; so for those not in the know, an alley cat is essentially a bike race in the city.  This particular event will be held at night, and will have a combination of chance and skill, so even if you are not particularly fast or fit, you will still be in with a chance.  Although there will be heaps of fixed gear riders racing, and a fair few professional messengers, you dont have to have the latest tricked out bike to enter.  Bring your beater, your pub bike, or even the kids trike.  Heck, even unicycles are allowed!  In my first alley cat I competed on a mountain bike.  I didn't win (I came second last - but dont tell anyone that) but goshdarnit did I have a bucket load of fun!

So like I said earlier, come one, come all.  I look forward to seeing the Brisbane biking community out in force!

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