Saturday Morning Fixed Ride

Just letting everyone know that there is a ride happening this Saturday morning.  Fixed fanatics come out in force!  The Brisbane River loop is the aim, led by our own Antmandan.  It is our plan to tack onto the back of a roadie crew, who complete with gears will hopefully be more than a little peeved that we are keeping pace!

Its going to be early (meet at 5.30am) but I hear the muffins provided by Mrs Ant are awesome.  Thats probably the only reason I am dragging myself out of bed at that ungodly hour!  See you all there!

Meet: 5.30am @ Gear Brisbane
Depart: 5:45am
Planned route: Brisbane River loop
Distance:  Not chaffing-ly long.
Pace: Chillaxed (I need lots of coffee for a fast pace)
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