The Sindrome

Well I promised you all a sneak preview of the Sindrome; which I failed to do.  In the run up to last "weekend of bike" I was busy in the studio perfecting the pattern and running up a very small batch of Sindromes.  Time was of the essence, so I had barely finished the bag, photographed it, and then had to blast off to the race.  So I failed in the sneak preview... BUT!... here are the photos that I promised!

First a little about the Sindrome.  The Sindrome has the same back shape as the Elephantitus, but with a smaller depth and volume.  For all you volume freaks, it can neatly carry 17 bottles of rum.  It has a weatherproof liner, which is semi-removable so you can separate your dry stuff from your wet stuff.  It has a large inside pocket, and a large expandable outer pocket, complete with multiple pen slots.  There is also the quick access D-lock pocket which is featured on the Elephantitus.  Essentially you can reach your D-lock without having to take off your bag, nor opening it up.  Multiple clipping points are included should you wish to carry extra stuff on the outside of the bag.  Oh, and I almost forgot... the Sindrome features a hidden pocket as well.

And now about the prize bag!  First off... its flame red!  It really is a gorgeous red, that just glows in the sunlight.  Everyone knows red goes faster so it seemed fitting to donate a red prize bag!  (It also has speed stripes to make you go even faster) This particular bag happens to be the first production Sindrome, and has a neat little feature that I have been thinking about for a while.  Anti-dangle straps.  Normally if you forget to buckle up your bag, the straps can potentially dangle into your rear wheel.  This particular bag has some retainer loops, that stop this happening.  Its a bit hard to explain, but easy to understand if you can see it.  If you look at the second image with the sternum/anti-sway strap you will see what I mean.  It has a little plastic loop that joins the end of the webbing to the main part of the webbing.  What this essentially means is no more dangling straps!

The bag was randomly won during the Double Trouble Tag Team event by Goose, who picked up a box containing the bag.  He wasn't at the after party so I didn't get a chance to see him collect the prize... Perhaps it is still available, which means Skippy is next in line (or so he thinks!)

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