Babycandy's available now!

The first small batch of Babycandys have come through.  Four are available at Gear Brisbane, while two are available online at our site.

My personal favourite reminds us all, that you should use this bag responsibly... and dirtify it regularly.  Unfamiliar with the term dirtify?  

Dirtify (v)
Dirtify is the long process that occurs when you use a piece of gear regularly.  It results in gear that is so full of sweat, dirt, love and experiences that it stands up on its own; but maybe that’s just because of the dirt.  It becomes so powerful that it is almost as if the piece of dirtified gear becomes you, and you become the gear.
Once a piece of gear becomes dirtified it protects you through a magic aura or maybe that’s just the stench.  It is never possible to over dirtify a piece of gear.  Duct tape and random stitching made from dental floss only add to its dirtified nature.
Be warned though, a fully dirtified piece of gear should never be washed for fear of losing all the special qualities that make it so.

The particular bag that I am talking about is in Gear at the moment... check it out.

As I have mentioned before, these bags are cute.  Sized to fit the essentials, and nothing more.  Find out more about the bag on the Babycandy page.  Or visit our Flickr site for photos of the bags.

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