Polo competition results

What an awesome weekend we have just had.  Brisbane has been remarkably rainy over the last few weeks (aah.. make that months), with this weekend being crisp and unbelievably cloud free!  So it seems almost fate that the polo tournament was teemed up with one of the most beautiful days in a long while!  Being such perfect weather a crew of around 15 crawled out of the woodwork for the polo tournament.

I was fortunate enough to make the first hour of games, with competition being very fierce and fast.  Although talking up Team BOgear in the last post, my brother and I were unable to play, and were relegated to the side line for watching privileges.  It was good to see an array of old faces, include a few new ones who have never played polo before.  Good on you for playing in the comp despite never playing before (yes, that is you Johnson!).  Player skills have improved remarkably, and it was also interesting to see a few steeds rolling out with spoke covers/plates.  Antmandans hypnotic version was inspirational to say the least!  Speaking of Dan, he has written an awesome write up of the event, so make sure you check it out here.  As I mentioned earlier I wasn't there for the entire competition and so really cant do it justice.  Make sure you also check out some of the action through photos from Boots and Johnson.

I would like to throw out a BIG thank you to Dan for providing drinky-drinks, Paul for the unbelievable schwag of food (think gourmet sandwiches and delectable sushi!) and above all, Shifty for organising the whole event.  The event was unbelievably well managed and seemed to go smoothly without a hitch!  The court was even free of dirt, debris and glass!  Kudos to those who showed up early to clean the court! 

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