Local Brisbane rider Johnson has organised a bike orientated Pentathlon! And he's organising it even though he has a broken forearm soon to be held together internally by a bionic assortment of metal plates, rods and screws. Imagine going through airport security now.... gosh darnit that would be hard. All those burly security guards grabbing you, dragging you by your hair kicking and screaming to the...

And I digress. Wow, what a tangent.

ANYWAY! Johnson's event will be held on Sunday 4th of October, with registration opening at 11.30am. That's right folks, a daylight event! So bring the kiddies and an esky full of paddle-pops to keep them entertained.

Events of the day are still being kept under wraps, but rest assured we will let you know what the five events are in the near future!

A neat pile of prizes is up for grabs, including some of our own schwag! So come one, come all.... and can I have a paddle-pop too?

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