Weekend of Events!

Next weekend is shaping up to be quite exciting; regardless of where you are. On the local Brisbane scene, Johnson's Pentathlon is happening on Sunday with the events recently announced. These include:

Elimination laps: laps around Musgrave park on the paths, Russell st, Edmondston st and back down. After every lap, the person coming last is eliminated. Will continue until there is only two people left for the final lap. Keep in mind the entrances to the paths are narrow and traffic on the road.

Longest skid: Do a skid. Get the longest. Easy.

Footdown: All participants start in a confined area. Once the start is called, you can not touch the ground again or else you are out. You are free to move inside the area. There is a time limit of 5 seconds for remaining stationary. Last person to touch the ground wins.

Time trial sprint: Length of Musgrave park, back and forth. So you have to turn around. Fastest wins.

Expression session: Show us what you can do on a bike. Tricks, track stand, polo power shots from halfway, ride blindfolded, everything. This is going to be judged off the crowd.

So if you are a veteran rider who has some skill and style on a bike and rides around no handed for a bit, I don't think you will do too well. But if you are new to this whole cycling thing and can ride backwards whilst drinking a beer you will probably do awesome.
Be as creative as you want/can be, just make sure it involves yourself and your bike.

The pile of winning schwag is quite big, and includes our new hip pouch. Make sure you come along for a good chance of winning something (plus to have an old-fashioned good time!)

Some of the schwag for the Pentathlon... plus a SECRET prize... ooh, I wonder what that could be!

Live interstate and cant make it to Brisbane? Do not despair! Also happening on the same weekend is "Fix up, Look sharp" down in Melbourne. Find out more at fixed.org.

It is a team alleycat (3 members), with $20 entry per team. Sounds like an awesome event, with the prize pool matching (or possibly exceeding) that of the Brisbane Pentathlon. We have donated a red Babycandy, as well as the latest FRS Strap Ons, so make sure you rock up for a chance to win! The organisers of this event are planning on taking many a photo and video, so stay tuned to review the shenanigans!

Big ups for the 4th of October... what an awesome weekend!

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