Brisbane Bike Polo is hosting its second night time event tonight. Held down at Musgrave Park tennis courts, the place is lit up via generator and three sets of portable floodlights. This arrangement was organised by mad keen polo head and local rider Kero, who couldn't get enough of a fix. If the first event was anything to go by, there are a lot of polo heads around in Brisbane, as a huge crowd turned up! Feel like joining in? Drop by... we don't bite.

Entry to play is $3 which covers the cost of generator, lights, fuel and maintenance. It is the only polo event in Brisbane which we charge for (apart from competitions of course!) but believe me, the $3 is WELL worth it.

Game play takes on a whole new level as there are shadows everywhere. Calling and verbalising play for the ball becomes paramount as it is slightly harder to know who your team mates are. Faster play is slowed down, while those who are usually in control of the ball are left to fall over themselves. I for one seemed to spend more time on the ground kissing gravel than I did on my bike. Thankfully everyone understands that I am a klutz and left me to my own devices.

If my description of the nights events doesn't whet your appetite, here are some photographs from the previous event. There certainly seems to be a LOT of ghosts playing!

Musgrave Park Tennis courts (next to the public pool), West End
$3 entry for unlimited play
6pm for a 6.30pm start
no need for mallet or equipment; we lend to strangers!


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