We are unbelievably stoked here in the BOcamp, as Chris Fonseca of No Cassettes fame has just come on board to distribute our Strap Ons in the good ol' US of A!

Chris was much considerate in running our Pre-Pro straps and realised that there was definite potential to distribute in The States. After providing us with feedback and then receiving our latest incarnation of the straps, Chris has shot this commercial for us and is in the process of taking pre-orders.

The commercial is a hilarious piss-take on infomercials, yet delivers a genuine sense of authenticity. Our description of this commercial sounds wanky as hell, but we can't express ourselves better due to mental meltdown... In case you can't tell, WE ARE STOKED to finally be in the States!

So if you live State Side, make sure you hit Chris up as the straps are selling fast at $60 postage included. That is the same price as we have here in Oz! Get 'em here while they're hot!

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