Bridgetown Hustle Recap!

Just received an email from Amanda who organised the Backyard Blam: Bridgetown Hustle event in Portland on the 5th & 6th of February.  Turns out the event was a success!

In the words of the lady herself...

Holy crap, that was a lot of fun! Thank you for being a sponsor. Not only was I able to give out sweet prize packages to the winners, I was able to throw a lot of SWAG out into the crowd both days. They really liked that. 

The 1st night our turn out was huge. Close to 300. The evening started off with an art show, a DJ, and some free beer for those who were old enough. Then we kicked off the comps with the bunny hop. There was a lot of competition. Sweet jumps led to big cheers and then next thing you know people were clapping their faces off. I was really real. 

Next was open sprints. While sprints were going on there was a huge crowd checking out art and another huge crowd outside watching all the tricks (we had a berm and some jumps set up). The sprints were insane!!! We had complete bikes to give away as well as rims, chub hubs, and a bunch of other goodies. With such lavish prize packages, people were using their "try hard" muscles, for sure. 

Originally we were going to have a trick comp to follow, but with so many people sprinting, there wasn't enough time. We decided to move it to the second day and no one seemed to mind. In fact, I got so much positive feedback, it was hard for me to get through the doorway with my inflated ego. 

The second day we were going to start off with pump track TT, but it had been raining for a couple days solid before the event and actually, I was surprised it had stopped for the BLAM. Fortune smiled upon us once again with the weather being super sweet. The pump track was like peanut butter so we decided to have a TT around the block and everyone had to ride on a Schwinn Gremlin. The prize purse was pretty swank, so it was really funny to see big guys sprinting their hearts out on a little bike. 

Next, was the trick comp. We had a BMX crew and a fixed crew. I didn't want to judge my friends so I decided to have the BMX judge the fixed and vice versa. After that we all went to the park and roped off a gorilla DH slalom course. It was sprinkling and the ground was just muddy enough where the riders peeled out at the hairpin corners. So much fun! 

We decided to end the evening off with a party and some vegan waffles. I have the world's best waffle maker and everyone was hungry after competing so that was a no brainer. It is going to be tough to top this one, but I am going to try. Next event will be in the late summer. Will let you know!

Check out some of the photos!  Well organised, well set up, and a crazy awesome time!

Wow... looks just like Gypsy when he calls for the ball!

(they are Strap Ons in that crazy excited dude's hands!)

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