St Ali prizes!

St Ali's alleycat is coming up this weekend and I promised you some sneak peeks at what we are whipping up for them.  Here it is:

A modified Babycandy crafted from 100% reclaimed material.

St Ali sent a pile of hessian sacks used in the transport of the beans they roast.  These are being turned into a pile of Babycandys, as well as some feedbags, tool pouches and coin pouches.  The seatbelt webbing used in the bags are also 100% reclaimed, giving a pretty unique product!

While not designed to last (the hessian frays) these are still a unique bag, and complete once offs.  It gives us a chance to play with new materials, techniques and patterns... and boy are we having fun doing so!

So... want a chance to collect yourself a once off bag design?  Head down to the St Ali alleycat this weekend!


  1. I'd love to see these with a durable liner and hemming that will take the stresses of use, yet allow the hessian to become worn and torn over time.
    just my 2c...

  2. I agree. The original intention was to create a regular Babycandy (complete with liner & tough exterior) but then have a third, outer layer made from hessian. Once this hessian breaks down/wears over time it can be ripped off, leaving a fully functional bag.

    In our testing however we found that the hessian is such a loose weave that binding it using our current tools and techniques is almost impossible. So it would break down waaay too prematurely... leading to possibly one of the ugliest bags ever!

    BUT... we did manage to successfully bind the feedbags using 50mm seatbelt webbing, so I guess it would be possible if it were hand bound and had a massive binding edge!

  3. Oh well, at least you tried it. Thorough as usual

  4. Hahah! Or whimsical that I can make a product long lasting, highly functional, 100% reclaimed, and crafted from anything thrown my way!