Bags of the month!

This blog has been neglected for well over a month.  I don't think I could do justice to the amount and variety of bags pumped out over this time if I were to explain it.  So let me let the pictures do the talking!

A big batch of Elephantitus V2's... But this one is the ducks nuts:

Total stealth exterior... Black 1000D Nylon.  Black webbing

Massive surface area of velcro on the front panel, coupled with a clip up drink bottle holder.

Anti-dangle straps.  All of em... every single one!

Back Padding

With the BOgear logo stitched on in black thread.  Subtle!

The pad is completely removable for washing

Or to sit on while you are waiting for jobs!

What do you get when you put a Sindrome in the same room as a Papermunky?  A weird love child:

It looks like a normal Papermunky...

But it has a Sindrome style pleated pocket on the outside.

Which is almost big enough to fit a Yellow Pages... Because you never know when you might need a Yellow Pages!

Or how about a Papermunky which will definitely get you seen:

The picture doesn't do it justice, but the Orange is practically luminescent.  It surprises me that it doesn't glow in the dark.  The dual reflective speed stripes give it a hint of speed (and even more visibility).  This bag looks amazing in person!  It is a pity this photo doesn't do it justice.

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