December/January Hours

BOgear will be closing over December & January as I will be heading away to get married.  Apparently a honeymoon is not the time to do work, or so my fiancee keeps telling me!  She has threatened to bring down The Wrath if I so much as bring work with me...

So what this means is BOgear will be "closed" from December 10th through to January 20th.  During this time our online shop (for pre-built items) will still be operational, however items will only be posted out weekly.  During this time we will not be processing custom orders.  Once the shop re-opens on January 20th, custom orders will be filled!

Want to receive a custom order in time for Christmas?  Make sure you place an order with us before 24th November.

I will have extremely limited access to emails while we are closed, so please be patient if I am slow in reply!  Don't forget that our friendly stockists will still be open during this time, so you can always pick up BOgear from them!

In short:
Place custom orders by 24th November
BOgear closed for custom orders 10th December - 20th January
Pre-built items found online during this time will be shipped weekly.

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