One Bottle

Last year BOgear attended the Swap & Cop where we met a fantastic couple from a small start up company called One Bottle.  Their company designs ultra-cute (did I just say "cute" on this blog?) aluminium bottles free from BPA designed to replace the ubiquitous disposable plastic water bottle.

So why have we taken a shining to this particular business?  I think it has to do with their tenacity and ability to try and change the status quo.  I think it also has to do with their firm environmental beliefs.  But I think it mostly has to do with their similar mindset to BOgear and wholehearted support of 1% For The Planet.  There are a relatively few businesses in Australia who have signed up for 1% For The Planet, so I guess businesses with a similar mindset need to stick together!

One Bottle previously were operating from local markets, however now have opened up an online store.  Make sure you check it out here:

Keep up the good work Kati & Rory!

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