Reflective Papermunkies!

Last week saw a small batch of super bright Papermunkies leave the studio.  These puppies (actually, what do you call a bunch of monkeys??) featured reflective tape, shoulder pads, and in some instances liberal use of high-viz fabric!

Check them out:

 The first was a subtle black with a wide strip of reflective tape on the front flap.  A quiet, discreet bag that will pop when direct light is pointed it's way!

The second bag is a virtually identical to the Papermunky above, although it features high-viz yellow fabric.  Unfortunately my camera doesn't do this bag justice.  It SCREAMS attention in both low and bright light situations!

And the third bag is the brightest of them all!  It is a high-viz yellow Papermunky with Orange front panel & BO logo, coupled with red stitch and liberal use of reflective tape!  It also stands out in low and bright-light situations, as well as perhaps say a "high-viz convention" given the beautiful placement of our BO logo (gee not too biased are we)!  It is BRIGHT, and proud!  We love it!

Underneath the flap you can see the liberal use of Orange high-viz fabric.  Even the shoulder pad is high-viz!

Enjoy your bags guys!  I think they rock!

What does all these reflective bags mean?  It means we now have a big roll of 50mm wide reflective tape ready for your bag.  Want a bright bag or a bag with reflective tape?  Contact us!

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