AHBPC 2010 Photos

Some photos from the Australian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships recently held in Adelaide...

Beer & polo... hand in hand.

The excellent and well executed draw.

Fast mechanicals.

Helmets were mandatory.  

The variety of helmets on display was surprising.  Some used "race" helmets such as this catlike.  Others used BMX or skating hardhats.  While others, for safety reasons, used ice hockey helmets complete with face shield.

Lacrosse gloves such as these above were also in use.  These are fantastic for safety, but does it scare off new players?

Lots of bags, with the occasional BO bag on display!

The mandarins were brought in by the box, and were amazingly delicious!

Team huddle...

For those people looking for more (and better photos!) make sure you check out those taken Studio Crossbow.  Flickr link here.

Studio Crossbow is run by Craig Beaumont, who was at the Championships for both of the days.  He managed to catch a large amount of photos, including the ones that everyone enjoys... the crashes.  So run on over and check it all out!  Cheers Craig for all your work!

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