Back online (and 500 down) !!

Well our 12 days off are now over, and we are back on board the BOgear train!  What did you get up to over the Easter Holidays?

Our holidays?  Climbing in the Blue Mountains... gosh it was good!  Beautiful scenery, fantastic climbing, fun people to be with... what more could you ask for!?  Check it out:

A stash for the next climb.

Our bible for the week

Racked up and about to climb

And the glorious rock.  Traverse Of The Gods.  Next year perhaps?

It was supposed to be a holiday, but the trip involved a lot of talk about design and potential products, so stay tuned as some new climbing related products hit the lineup oh so soon!  Climbing gear is a new direction for BOgear, but one we have always wanted to do!

In other news, we have reached (and passed) bag ID#500!  This happened early last month, but given the madness that just passed we neglected to mention it.  No time like now!  BAG #500!  Thanks heaps for the support everyone!  It means a lot!


  1. Welcome back! Say, when are you guys going to start doing panniers and handlebar and saddle bags? Let me know when you have a prototype, I'd love to give them a test ride!


  2. Climbing gear? Awesome! I could use a sturdy ropebag, maybe a bouldering pad?

  3. why not a tough reclaimed canvas rope protector based on the beernut (which my bike loves) but without the padding and a thicker canvas?