Chunky Toad: Customer review

Just received a customer review, courtesy of Erin!  Erin is a local BNE rider, who has recently moved to London.  She has been looking for a backpack for a while, and decided on the Chunky Toad...

Check out what she thinks!

"Absolutely, utterly, slavishly dedicated to the Chunky Toad!  Dave, it's perfect perfect, perfect. I'm on my way to polo, completely overpacked for the occasion (why I am carrying a laptop, couldn't tell you). But, just thought I'd quickly say that it's brilliant, and completely different to carrying a courier bag.  Just thought I'd quickly say that it's brilliant, totally comfortable, and magically takes all the weight off my shoulders and back. It was packed, totally full, and felt like nothing at all. Chapeau!!! Dorky pictures attached. A million thanks!" 

"It's a really good size across the shoulders too, fits perfect for girls shoulders.  Just noticed the extra velcro on the waist straps.  That's quite cool!  The padding is obviously awesome too.. not a feature of most bags in the price range (meaning yours is up there with the £200+ range, but in terms of price is only half that).  Mission workshop are doing waist strap padding, but the t-level ones (about £100 ) aren't.  

The bag caused quite the stir at polo...  I'll stop gushing now, but again, thank you heaps.  

Cheers, Erin" 

Thank you for the review and the photos Erin!  Keep rocking at polo and ride safe!  BNE crew will miss you!

Want your own?  Get the Chunky Toad here.

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