Stitch Colour: "just for details" vs. "for everything"

"Dear BOgear,

On your "build a custom bag" pages you have an option for stitch colour.  What does "just for details" mean?  "For everything" makes sense, but what exactly are "just the details"?

Thank you!

Mr Enquiring mind."

Dear Mr Enquiring Mind,

Thanks for your interest in our gear!

Just the details gives us a chance to be a little creative, and come up with something that looks good.  Rather than every stitch being coloured, we can pick and choose.  The result?  A bag that has a little pizzaz!  

Here is an example:
Most of the visible stitches are black; except the two bartacks on the front blinky light strips!  It just makes it pop!  

And under the flap the black stitch is used throughout.  But there are also some accentuated details such as mini-tacks in white!

You know what they say about attention being in the details?  Well "just for details" allow us to decide what those details are.  

Thanks again for your interest!


the BOcrew!

Let us build you a bag with attention to the details!

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