Bosky Brisbane Bike Hire

Last Sunday was Pushies Galore, a Swap Meet for avid cycleheads.  BOgear was lucky enough to secure a stall which enabled us to meet and talk to the BNE cycling community.  This event was absolutely fantastic, and we simply cannot wait for the next one!
One such member of the BNE cycling community was Trent, who has just started up Bosky Bikes.  Bosky Bikes is a bike hire scheme with a flair.  Given that CityCycle bike hire is almost everywhere, it sounds weird to discover yet another bike hire scheme.  However Bosky Bikes really is different.  They are small, independent, yet most importantly encourage the investigation of "local gems" such as hidden coffee shops, retail areas, unique parks, and so forth.

Bikes (ultra cute Schwinn Cream 3) not only come with helmets (a big plus!), locks, lights and free delivery to certain locations, they also come with a "Community Card".  This card entitles you to discounts and perks, particularly at the local gems mentioned previously.  In this way, not only do you get a means of transport, but also a couple of suggested destinations... things off the beaten track, places that only the locals go to.

Bosky Bikes truly is different, and I wish them well with their venture!

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