Quiet blog = Busy studio

*pulls out the duster and dusts the cobwebs from the blog*

Wow!  Has it really been that long since our last post?  We haven't meant to neglect this blog, but somehow it always manages to be the last thing on our list when times get busy...  And boy has the last month been busy.

Lets see, we've increased our batch sizes, bought new toys and materials, played with sand (more on that later!), opened up our doors for small batch manufacture work, taken on more design work, visited New Zealand to play polo and share the love for BO and came back incredibly sick.  Not that any of this probably really interests you!  So what can keep your interest up??

How about this:

(and I put these in bullet points, as bullet points always make things more official)

  • We've stepped out of the DARK ages, and signed up to Facebook.  Check out our Facebook page here!  And make sure you friend us, or like us, or whatever it is you have to do to make us popular (we like having friends!)
  • We're drawing up and about to commission a new updated and fandangled (yes that is a word!) website.
  • We're just about to finish a small batch of Bike Bags (New Product Alert!) and will be making it available for pre-order very soon... as in Thursday!
  • And due to popular demand, have stepped up our act in the Rootbeer Approved campaign, and created a big pile of official Rootbeer Approved patches!
  • We've almost completely sold out of our FRS Strap Ons, and are about to begin manufacturing these in house again!  So keep your eyes peeled for the latest Strap Ons update (Updated Product Alert!)  These should be online and hitting the shelves in a months time.
So, how about it?  Have we been busy or WHAT?!  

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