Another custom Sindrome!

Last week was the week of custom Sindromes.  This is the last of the lot to leave the studio, and gosh it looks ace!

We don't often play with multiple colours that mesh well, so when we do, we just want to share it!

Grey flap, black webbing, black bartacks

Second shoulder strap added.  Removable backpadding added.

Black front panel with black webbing and opposing bartack colours!  Grey tacks on black fabric, and black tacks on grey fabric.  ACE!

Oh, and it is also lined with grey 420D nylon just to make it all mesh together perfectly!

Want it?
Well you cant, its GONE.

But you can have its yin/yang twin sister!  Basically we have the complete opposite of this bag available!  And it too looks hot!  Essentially for this available bag, black fabric is now grey, and grey fabric is now black.  Grey tacks are now black and black tacks are now grey.  Opposite day! (remember that from school?  ahh... those were the days!)

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