Custom Elephantitus

A big pile of custom bags have walked out of the studio over the past two weeks.  The majority have been Sindromes, as well as a couple of Babycandy's.  This however is one of the raddest Elephantitus's we have built yet.  It simply is amazing to look at, as well as virtually bullet proof.

Check it out:

Dual red speed stripes, complete with reflective trim.  Not only will these stripes be visible in day, but also at night.  Fashionable-safety first people!

The bag is constructed from our near indestructible X-pac material.  I know I have said it before and you are probably sick of hearing it, but this fabric is the ducks nuts.  Waterproof, highly abrasion resistant, tear resistant, and sexy as hell.... (yes fabrics can be sexy)
Despite the fabric being waterproof on its own, it is lined with a 900gsm truck tarp.  This is thick, heavy, and virtually indestructible.  It will also provide waterproofing for a long, long time.
And for a touch of overkill, the bag is lined with a red 420D nylon.  This provides a smooth internal face fabric (so things dont snag on the truck tarp) which not only makes putting things in the bag easier, but also protects the truck tarp from internal damage due to sharp objects.  Want to carry a nice and sharp boulder home?  Then line your pack with this!

Given the colour scheme, bartacks just had to be red!  Don't they just pop nicely!  Simply looks amazing in the flesh!

And because we are not good with logical progression, lets close the flap up again and check out the backside of the bag.

Removable external padding.  10mm thick.  Guaranteed to stop stuff digging you in the back!  Oh, and the removability means washability... a must for sweaty Brisbane weather!

And as a final touch of class, the top of the shoulder straps are red, while the undersides are black.  Simply superb!

Want your own custom Elephantitus?  Check out the design here, and then order by contacting us here!

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