Dirtified custom Papermunky!

Just received this sweet little email from a longtime BOgear customer!

"G'day Dave,
Hope all is well and your year has been a good one.  Enclosed are some pics of my "Weird love child".  It's been a great bag and I have used it every day since I got it.  I took it to the UK  last year as well so its travelled far and rides with me to work every day.
Keep up the good work!!"

Ah, thanks for the kind words Pat!

And now check the bag out... still going strong!

This is definitely a custom "Weird Love Child"!!  A Papermunky shape and size, but with Sindrome features (pleated pocket an from memory, a shoulder pad).  Double sided billboard liner... and it is still going strong!

Want a custom bag yourself?  As usual, drop us a line!

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