Flapper Mini is HERE!

Safety at night is important, and no, I am not talking about the dangers of walking down dark alleyways by yourself.  What I am referring to is visibility when riding home at night.  You definitely need something which draws attention to yourself.

Front and rear lights are a no brainer (I personally recommend Ay-ups and Fibre Flares), while fluoro vests for some people may be too far.  What about something halfway in the middle?  Something which is small, unobtrusive, doesn't make you look too ridiculous during the day, yet draws considerable amount of attention in no light situations.
Enter the Flapper Mini.  It may not look like much, but it will make a difference at night.  Featuring Australian Made double sided reflective tape it will always be catching rays of light no matter which way they face. They come in pairs and can be mounted to your bag in three different ways

They can be easily attached to our bags "velcro barbs" (read up on why we have these velcro tabs over here), and will dangle just enough to flap around in the breeze giving a blinking light effect.  Simple yet powerful.

They can also be "opened up" and velcroed to any exposed velcro surface.  For example in the image above we have velcroed it onto the front panel of the DUB messenger bag.

You can also open it up, wrap it around some webbing, and then close it back up again.  This allows it to wrap around any webbing or clippable surface, including our 50mm front strap webbing!

The best thing about these puppies? They don't look ridiculously stupid when it is not night time!

Interested in a set? Check 'em out online here, and while you are at it watch Chris's first video (under the videos tab near the photos).  Gosh he was nervous for this one!

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