Custom Sindrome Messenger Bags

Last week saw two freaking nice custom messenger bags leave the studio.  An orange Sindrome, and a Navy Sindrome.  Side by side they looked mine-site safety colour combo.  I so wanted to mix and match some of the panel pieces, but just had to hold back!

Check 'em out

This first Sindrome looks remarkably similar to one we did previously.  And this is a good thing, as they are built for the same company!  Safety fluoro orange, coupled with triple reflective stripes.  HOT!

And this one, a very classy Navy Blue - somewhat accentuated by the reflective tape.  I like it; stylish!
Upgrades to this beast included:

Removable back padding, removable second shoulder strap (just like the Elephantitus Xstrap)

And what excites us the most... A ZIP INSIDE the pleated front pocket. Those that have been following us a while will know that we don't like using zips. Yet we were gently persuaded that this was a good idea for this design.  So why the zippered compartment?

So you can use it as a laptop compartment!  Neat!

Love it!  Oh, and this week we have a couple of other custom bags coming up - will definitely keep you in the loop with these.  As always, if you are keen on one, hit us up here.

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