Happy Backpack!

When you commute long distances, your enemy literally is other traffic.  Be it cars, busses, taxis or whatever - you have to have the mindset that everything is out to get you. Being proactive is a must - reactive is simply too late.

One of our customers is a genius

He literally is. He commutes regularly by bike and was looking for a custom backpack, which is why he came to us. And we built a backpack for him... only this time the customer took this "proactive" nature to the next level.

He wanted us to install a smiley face in reflective tape on his Chunky Toad Backpack.

Think about it, how proactive is this reflective tape? You have set the mood for your interaction with other traffic well before they see you as a person on a bike. They see the smiley face, and react with it - hopefully getting a grin as well, leaving you a lot of safe commuting space.

Pure gold! (and if you want a custom smiley face on your backpack, make sure to let us know here...)

While we are mentioning this backpack, this is why he chose a Chunky Toad.  Check out those bulky, heavy boots.  I certainly wouldn't want his 21km commute with these!

As always, if you are interested in customising one of our backpacks, check out the range here, and then contact us with your hopes and dreams in written form!

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