Bike Polo

All right, all right... I know this is a lazy post... But here is a link to the Brisbane Bike Polo website.  On here is all the info about up and coming games, coupled with some photos and movies of action.

For those uninitiated in bike polo it involves grown men (and women) chasing little balls around on an asphalt court with homemade mallets while riding fixed gear bikes.  A recipe for disaster yet surprisingly safe and full of endless fun.  In case you can't guess, yes I have been bitten by the polo bug.  You can catch me and all the other bike polo crew at West End's Musgrave park every Sunday starting at 3pm.  We will be the ones on the old tennis court beside the public pool making copious amounts of noise while dripping in sweat.

If anyone is interested in coming for a game drop down and say gidday.  Some of us may look scary when covered in each others bikes grease but we don't bite.  We love sharing the love of the game and are more than happy to fit you out with a borrowed bike and mallet.  So if you are interested, come on down.  We would love to meet more new people!

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