Riding that damn bike!

Remember back when you were four and got your first bike?  Remember how excited you felt?  Despite the fact that you had never ridden a bike before and would quite likely fall off and scrape up your leg, you still felt on top of the world just knowing you could do it.  And that sense of pride... Oh that sense of pride in your new trusty steed!  If it were possible to burst with pride you would have.

And thats how we feel about our first product.  Complete pride!  We had no idea how to pattern make, or source materials... Heck we had no idea how to even run a business.  But like that four year old kid we knew we had to ride the BObike.  We knew we would probably fall off along the way collecting bruises and grazes... And troubles we sure have had.  But cuts heal right?

We have learned and now we're riding that damn bike with no training wheels.  So thanks for being interested in our first products.  We hope when you use it you feel the same pride we do!

You can find our bags at a local fixed gear/culture shop, Gear Brisbane.  Or you can order directly through us; email us at: bocrew@bogear.com.au

To see what all the fuss is about, visit our flickr site for photos of our latest bags.

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