Thank you!

Brisbane Outdoor Gear has been receiving a bit of attention on the interweb at the moment, and so I would like to take the time to say thank you!

Thank you to Amelia Shaw for her unbelievably upbeat plug on her personal blog.  Seeing such positivity about BOgear really keeps me striving with what I want to achieve!  I read her comments and thoughts, and all I can do is keep grinning and feel proud!  Thank you Amelia!

Thank you also to Erik at Gear Brisbane.  Erik agreed to stock my product long before a working prototype was even in the making.  He was interested in BOgear as a concept; in the ability to create and handcraft bags locally!  He also loves to support local small businesses.  If you get the chance, drop by his store!

Once again, thanks heaps for the positive coverage everyone!

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