Manbag Alert!

After much deliberation I have decided to create a very small bag in the courier bag range.  This size was suggested to me by fixed gear enthusiast Dave and is really small, intended to carry only the essentials.  Wallet, keys, phone, 600ml of water, a spare shirt and a D-lock... Check, check and check.  The bag fits it all, but not much more.  It is designed to be worn over the shoulder, or around the waist as a hip pack.

Enter the Babycandy.  It features our quick access D-lock holster on the outside, as well as two internal pockets.  Unlike the other bags in the range it isn't guaranteed weather resistant; but we're working on it.

The bag is currently undergoing testing, and will be ready in the very near future.  Many thanks to Dave for the push in this direction.

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