New Logo

We have finally finished our new logo.  We have taken our time with this design as our logo is the representation of our company and would be very hard to change at a later date.  FYI: Our previous 'logo' was something scratched together quickly for the Double Trouble tag team alley cat.  It seemed stupid to sponsor an event yet have no public image (read: logo) so we had to make do with a simple design... that being said, make way for our new logo:
The story behind our logo:
Being designers we could wank on about how our logo symbolises the evolution of our products.  About how they start off in our hands before being used and dirtified by you.  Once the product has come full circle in its life it ends up back in our hands ready to be evolved into a new product.  Or we could talk about how there is an infinity sign in there, representing our aim to close the loop.  But really that would be postulating for the sake of it.  Truth is we no longer have to appease our design lecturers with loads of bullshit about "how the harmony of the piece... blah, blah, blah."  Point is it's a 'B', and an 'O'.  And that's our name... BOgear.  So now you know the history of our logo, go dirtify your gear!

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