Foot Retention System

After much pushing and prodding by a group of people (Erik, Holdfast Dave, Nate and Gypo) in the Brisbane fixed gear community, I have now delved into the world of foot straps, or more simply, a way to affix your foot to your pedal.  I have developed two sets of prototypes to date, which are being thrashed by local Brisbane riders Nate and Gypo, and are receiving glowing reviews.  As Gypo states, "literally feels like your feet are zip tied/duct taped to the pedals."

The system is a setup allowing adjustment of tension over the front of the foot, over the rear of the foot, or over the whole top of the foot.  Each individual corner can be tightened allowing a customisable fit that suits your needs and shoe size.  These straps are built bomb-proof and are designed to last.  I have seen how Nate and Gypo treat their pedals and as such have designed around their needs.  Now is also a great chance for a segue to say a big thank you to Nate and Gypo for their help in the design.

Originally the two approached me to design a product that was a cross between feetbelts and double toe straps.  However, upon listening to the two discuss their needs, it seemed that a more adjustable system was necessary.  I pitched a modified version of their idea to them and received a "you build it... we'll test it" response.  During design prototype manufacture, I realised that the system I pitched to them could still be improved, and so adjusted it accordingly.  Upon showing the two, you could see that they were excited at realising their ideas had come to fruition.  As I am not a trick rider myself, I fully believe that such a design idea could not have been reached by each individual party alone.  My design and manufacturing skills coupled with their trick experience and needs for gear that functions allowed us to get a product that works extremely well.  So thank you Nate and Gypo!

I know this post is a little vague, with the photos very uninformative, but after a little more testing I will post an update on this design.  My plan is to release a small batch of pre-production prototypes for testing/dirtifying/feedback at a reduced price.  If you are interested in one of the reduced cost prototypes, let me know.

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  1. I like the look of those straps. I have size 13 planks so I see these as helping...