Its tool bag time!

I have been working on an idea of a set of tool bags for a little while, some of which have been given away at local alleycats and such events.  These pouches and rolls will soon be available online, the roll at Gear Brisbane as well so keep an eye out for them!

The pouches:
Made from reclaimed, busted mountain bike tubes.  Each is unique with signs of their previous life... the occasional "Kenda" brand tag, or maybe a patch or two.  Almost all of them have vertical lines from the original manufacturing process.  The pouches seal together by hook and loop, and are bound around the top.  There are two sizes...

Small is 70mm x 100mm.  $10.  Perfect for stashing your keys, coins, and other stuff that rattles around in your pocket.  Keeps it all organised and when using it, people wonder if you are into S&M or kinky bondage...

Large is 70mm x 210mm.  $12.  Designed to store all the essential tools needed when going for a ride, such as patch repair kit, allen key, and a shifter.  Stuff your tools in, stash it in your bag, and forget about it until you flat... damn beer bottles.  

The tool roll:
Its unfortunate, but I couldn't think of a funny name for this one.  I racked my brain for something witty or just plain dumb... but nothing stuck.  So... if someone can come up with a witty name for this tool roll, I'll send you out a free roll.  Get your thinking caps on!

These rolls are 300mm wide, and 250mm tall when opened.  This design was an attempt at making something from as much reclaimed material as possible.  This design comes close... 94.5% reclaimed content to be exact!  The only new material is the binding tape, stitching, and velcro.

The roll features three pockets of varying sizes, each long enough to fit a variety of tools.  The pouch can be rolled up tight to stop the tools rattling, or can partially unroll to fit lots and lots of tools.  See more of the prototype roll here...

The roll will soon be available online and in at Gear Brisbane for $25!

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