How big are you?

I occasionally have people contacting me, wondering how big the bags really are.  The question is innocuous enough, but does anyone really know how big a set volume really is?  I could say that a bag is 30 litres... but like I said, how big is 30 litres?  Or maybe I could reply with the dimensions of the bag, but even this doesn't work too well as it doesn't give an idea of volume.

This is why we have the rum measurements on our website.  We give volume calculations by how many bottles of 700ml rum it can fit.  If I said a bag fits 31 bottles of rum, you would definitely know the bag is big.  The rum measurement isn't us saying that you need to have a messy weekend... actually scrap that, subliminally maybe that is what we are saying!  More importantly however, it gives everyone an accurate idea of size.

We are never ones to rest on our laurels however, so we've decided to take things further.  No longer will you only hear about rum measurements, but you will also be able to see the bags on someone's back.  Now you will be able to quickly see how big the bags are... and whats more, you will be able to compare them side by side.

So enjoy our size comparison chart...

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