Bennetts Bag

Gold Coast rider Bennett Rust, a collaborator of the fixiegc website recently sent me in some photos of a bag we built for him. Bennett is a graphic designer and wanted his bag to be a showpiece. He wanted to install custom vinyl graphics on both the inside of the bag and the outside of the bag, ensuring that his is the only one in existence. And boy does it look sweet. Check it out!

Bennett installed vinyl on the front flap, and a custom vinyl logo on the inside of the main flap! Well done mate, looks ace!

Astute BOgear fans may notice that this isn't a typical Sindrome, nor is it a typical fabric. We have been working on a version 2 of all our bags, and sent Bennett one of them! More about the version 2 design and the new fabric will be covered in future posts so stay tuned, but now more about Bennett's bag.

Bennett's bag features a whopping 16 pockets, including the secret pocket and the D-lock pocket. It has an unpadded compartment for a laptop, and two dividers in the main pleated pocket. But probably the sweetest thing about this bag is a dedicated shoe pocket! Bennett rides in cleats and so always carries a spare set of shoes. Check out the pocket:

Pocket nice and flat when not in use

Undo the buckle to open the pocket up

Slide your shoes on in

And buckle it up to hold it securely!

If you are interested in a custom option on your bag that we haven't got listed, let us know. We are always keen to help out! Thanks heaps Bennett for approaching us for a sweet idea! Enjoy dirtifying your bag!

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