New Material IN!

We have just purchased a few small rolls of the most intense material we have dealt with to date! It is called X-pac, and is manufactured by Dimension Polyant. Dimension Polyant was originally started to create sails, with product knowledge expanding into the X-pac line.

Lets take a look at the fabric:

This material is really a sandwich of three fabric layers. The top as shown in Orange is 1000D nylon, which is the exact same material that we use in all our bags. This material is highly abrasion resistant. The second layer is a series of fibres woven into an "X" shape. This layer is added to provide stability, ensuring that the fabric doesn't stretch or bulge. A third layer is added to the sandwich, being the white backing fabric. This ensures that the sandwich is held together and provides abrasion resistance from the inside of the bag when constructed. This entire sandwich of fabric is also waterproof to 200psi of pressure! This potentially means you can run a liner-less bag if you wish!

In summary, the material is highly abrasion resistant, waterproof, stretch resistant, and sexy as hell (all those X's make me swoon!). We have the above orange available as well as a jet black and a medium dark grey. Keep an eye out for the fabric in some of our bags... it has already been used in Bennet's!

If you are interested in this, the "ducks nuts" of fabrics let us know! We would be more than happy to use it as a custom outer, but be warned supplies are very limited!

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