Just stumbled across this website, a company called Looptworks. They design and manufacture clothing from 100% reclaimed manufacturing waste.

Here is what they say:
"Reduce waste. That's our mantra. We start by examining the process of where waste comes from. Then, we look for materials thrown out as excess and figure out how to use them to make innovative products - and break the cycle of waste. All of us have a hand in this cycle, which means we all have the opportunity to take part in changing it. Looptworks is committed to making our products and running our business without creating any new material. Its a big goal to live up to, and we might not always be able to do it 100%. However, we believe that the experiences we have and the creative process we go through will help bring us, and hopefully you, closer to a new way of living. You can keep up with the challenges we're going through on our blog - and get the chance to weigh in or share your own."

Looptworks collects manufacturing waste, not old pre-used clothes, and then turns it into new products such as t-shirts, pants, and jumpers. Every component in each piece from their range is 100% reclaimed from other manufacturers. Zips, buttons, clips, fabric, elastic... they were all going to go into the trash despite being unused and perfectly workable. Here is where Looptworks jumps in. They collect the components, the fabrics, and then meld them together into functional, and in my opinion attractive clothing.

They know that what they are doing is very hard (have you tried making something from 100% "scrap", keeping it functional, attractive, and cost effective? Believe us, its very hard!) Despite this, they are already aiming to do better. They currently manufacture offshore, but are looking to manufacture closer to home to reduce their transport footprint. They also know that there is already waste from old pre-loved clothes, and so are investigating ways to get this into their range. Doing good, but plan on doing better? Well done Looptworks!

This is a company that has achieved what we are trying to achieve! A product using no virgin resources. We here at BOgear highly commend Loopt Works, as it is frustratingly hard to create a 100% reclaimed product that not only looks good, functions well, but also doesn't hit the wallet hard. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing what you achieve next. Hit them up, and check out their products at: www.looptworks.com

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