Elephantitus V2

Seeing as we are in the mood for showing off new products, I thought I would tease you all with a shot of the new Elephantitus V2.  It is still being prodded, tweaked and adjusted, but rest assured it will be bigger, badder, and better than before.

The Elephantitus is also symmetrical, features multiple clipping points, a gazillion pockets; drink bottle (shh... beer) pocket, secret pocket, pen pockets... the list of pockets is endless, as well as a removable second shoulder strap to distribute the load.  All the straps are removable which will also enable the bag to be dual swing. It also means you can wash your padding to remove the funk.  There are also base compression straps, shoulder and hip stabilisers, as well as our quick access D-lock pocket.

Interested?  Well we need Abuser Team members to test this bag.  So if you are part of the Abuser Team, let us know if you are interested in running one!  It will be yours to keep, but it wont be free.

Reason for the V2 update?  More room baby, more room!  Oh, and of course to reduce wastage!

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