Sindrome V2

This has been a while in the works (and on the backs of a select few), but finally we have time to officially release details about Sindrome V2.  As you probably are well aware, the original Sindrome is a large bag designed to swallow most of your everyday kit while also feasibly handling a slab of beer.  This original design was asymmetrical which was intended to carry weight more evenly across your back.

The down side to this asymmetrical shape was the reduced interior space, coupled with excess fabric wastage.  Not being content to rest on our laurels we investigated ways to keep the Sindrome similar shape and size while also reducing fabric wastage.

This is what we have come up with:

The Sindrome V2 is symmetrical, which results in more usable interior space.  It also means that when the pattern is laid out onto the fabric there is less wastage (less material goes into the bin, which is always a bonus!)

Under the main flap we have an even larger front expandable pocket.  This pocket is sized large enough to fit 13 inch laptops as well as a4 folders.  The pocket is pleated, and can expand to carry two Yellow Pages phone books comfortably.

You will probably also note a pile of webbing straps.  These are placed to allow bulky items to be strapped on.  For example two rows of webbing are on the front pocket flap.  The space in between is intended for poster tubes or polo mallets.

On the right hand side is some seatbelt webbing which secures our popular d-lock sleeve.  This sleeve enables you to chuck in your d-lock while on the move without having to remove the bag from your back.  The placement of this sleeve doesn't impinge on the available space in either the bag or the front pocket.

Under the outer pocket flap we have two sets of pen holders.  There is also a wallet/keys/sunglasses pocket.

On the back of the bag you will also note a major design change.  We have added stabiliser straps to both the shoulder as well as the hip.  What this means is that a full bag will no longer "round out" and become like a barrel.  Instead you adjust both the hip and shoulder stabilisers to create a flatter back.  This also helps to increase the usable interior volume of the bag by not pulling the main strap away from your body.

When the bag is empty, tighten the two stabiliser straps and the bag will now wrap around your body.

This new system is designed for you to 'set and forget' about your main 50mm strap, and instead adjust the hip/shoulder stabilisers according to your load size.

You will also note that attached to the base of the stabiliser straps are two d-rings.  Slide the ends of the stabiliser webbing through this so they don't flap around in the breeze.  Alternatively attach your keys here for quick access.

I should also note that the main shoulder strap padding has been removed from all these images to present a clearer view.  Rest assured, the Sindrome will still come with padding which distributes the load across a greater surface area!

Oh, and one other feature I forgot to mention is that the Sindrome V2 also features a secret pocket!

The Sindrome V2 is available now for $180, with photographs and updates to our website scheduled soon.  (We haven't done these updates yet as the bags sell faster than we can make them!)

If you are interested in a Sindrome V2, contact us here.

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