FREE Night Polo

Night polo this Wednesday night, 20/1/10.  This time for free.  Thats right... free!  Our money stockpile from the previous night games now allow us one free game!

So, never played before and want to give it a go?  Drop down to the tennis courts beside the public pool in Musgrave Park, West End, Brisbane.  6pm for a 6.30 start!

I have also been holding off on this photo for a while... but thought seeing as we are talking about polo, now is as good a time as ever:

Yes, that is team Brisbane representing down in Melbourne.  And yes, that does happen to be two Brisbane players mid-crash (into each other).  The skill of those two idiots is summed up perfectly in this photo.  And yes, one does happen to be me!

Big thanks to Roland Cox for capturing and sharing this moment.  Nice photo mate!

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  1. Typical! Bloody brissy crew taking a dive to stop me getting to the ball!