Papermunky V2

We are deep in the process of updating our bags, and have finally finished redesigning the Papermunky...  

Enter Papermunky V2:

As with all our V2 updates, the Papermunky V2 has a more symmetrical shape which gives more usable internal volume, while also reducing fabric wastage.

The Papermunky V2 is slightly smaller than its predecessor, but doesn't lose out on usable internal volume.  It features a dedicated pen pocket, quick access D-lock sleeve, an external a4 pocket, as well as two internal pockets.  The liner is crafted from reclaimed billboards, and is weatherproof!  Strap angles have changed to allow the bag to sit flatter across your back, which results in a slightly more comfortable feel.

This particular bag has already been claimed, but stay tuned as we have a small batch of 8 arriving late next week!  Our website is in need of a serious overhaul, but when it is finally updated you will be able to find all of the information here.

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